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On a mission to make personal finance relatable and FUN. Take control of your money, once and for all.
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Financial education was never part of my school curriculum. Learning how to save for tax, budgeting, and investing, were all skills I had to learn independently. Financial education is at the heart of The Art of Money Saving. The aim is to make financial topics accessible, jargon-free and easy to understand.
Living below your means is a core part of pursuing F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early). Whether you're on the cusp of being mortgage-free or rejoicing that you've sourced an outrageous 50p bargain, frugality has its place in our lives. The Art of Money Saving seeks to discover the intricacies of frugality, and illustrate how it should form a part of our daily lives.
I reflect on my own personal journey of investing, in the hope that it will inspire you to further your investment knowledge. The Art of Money Saving aims to dispel common myths surrounding investment, making it easy and understandable for everyone.
The Art of Money Saving interviews practising Christians who are striving towards financial independence. Discussing topics such as charitable giving and ethical investing, these interviews give insights which are rarely discussed in the personal finance world.

How can I help understand money?

I've spent my life working as an opera singer. I’ve performed in opera houses, concert venues, and on television and radio. It's a life that I love!

But managing your money as an artist has its challenges. I've begun to notice that we don't like to mention the 'm' word ... (money!)
It's hard to talk about money because we all have different financial circumstances.

University debt, variable income, or being supported by rich parents – all these factors make it really difficult to understand how other people manage their money.
The finance world doesn't really help either. Men in suits using industry jargon feels a million miles away from life on the stage.

So that's where I come in!

Money is something that we use every single day – so why not try and create some good long-lasting habits, and make a difference in your financial life?
On this website, you'll find me posting resources about how creatives can best take control of their money.

From finding a juicy bargain, to saving for your retirement – I cover everything. I hope you enjoy what the website has to offer.

A Personal Finance Poem.

Talking about money is something I absolutely hate.
Actors, artists, musicians, our job is to create
Art. Not money. I refuse to talk about that.
I’m hoping to change that sharpish, through my personal finance chit chat.


The information on this website, associated pages and social media channels, and any other correspondence does not constitute as financial, legal or tax advice.

I am not trained financial professional, and you should always seek your own independent financial advice.
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